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Silvis Wooden Display Cabinet Tall Right In Matera Oak And LED



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Add a touch of elegance to your home decor Silvis Wooden Display Cabinet Tall Right in Matera And Wotan Oak from Furniture in Fashion, featuring built-in LED lighting for a stunning visual display. This tall and sleek display cabinet is crafted from high-quality wood with a beautiful Matera And Wotan Oak finish that complements any interior style. The built-in LED lighting illuminates your cherished items, creating a captivating focal point in your living room, dining room, or hallway. With ample storage space and adjustable shelves, this display cabinet offers versatility and functionality for showcasing your favourite items, such as books, collectibles, or fine china. The Matera And Wotan Oak finish adds a natural and timeless charm, while the LED lighting adds a touch of modern sophistication. Elevate your home decor with with Silvis Wooden Display Cabinet Tall Right by Furniture in Fashion and create a stylish and captivating display for your cherished belongings. Shop now and transform your space with elegance and illumination. FEATURES : Material : 16mm Laminated Furniture Board Finish : Front Matera & Wotan Oak and Matera Carcass LED lighting is included Eight Shelves including One display Shelf Two Hinged Doors 16mm laminated furniture board Available at an affordable price Images shown are for illustration purpose only DIMENSIONS : Height : 207cm Width : 80cm Depth : 40cm