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Cube Light Oak Storage Cabinet – 2 Doors



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The Cube Oak range is most definitely modern. It nods towards a period synonymous with natural materials of wood, leather, even linen. Subscribing to this vibe often invites the company of airy spaces, warmed by rugs and accented with pops of colour. An extensive range of furniture, designed to fit all proportions, is winning as we embrace small size living. The unrealistic one size fits all approach has made way for furniture which enhances people individual lifestyles, reversing the concept of people adapting to fit the furniture. Heritage Furniture Cube Oak Living & Dining Black Friday Furniture Deals.Black Friday Furniture Sale. Black Friday Hall Cabinet Hall Cabinet Boxing Day Furniture Deals. Boxing Day Furniture Sale. Boxing Day Hall Cabinet Best furniture shop in Leicester,Leicestershire,East Midlands Selling. Winter Furniture Deals. Winter Furniture Sale. Winter Hall Cabinet