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Pols Potten - Trumpet Ceramic Stool

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Create a practical and stunning centre piece to any room with this sleek stool design from Pols Potten. With a silver glazed finish, light reflects from the flat surfaces making for an interesting watch every time you look at it. With handles on the sides this is easy to lift and manoeuvre wherever a stool or extra surface is needed. With narrow waistline, it is easy and comfortable to get on and off the stool and is suitable for indoor use only. Key features: * Unique stool * Material: silver glazed ceramic * Dimensions: H45x030cm * Weight: 6kg * Handles on the sides * Indoor use only * Handmade elements * As every piece is unique, the finish may vary slightly

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Pols Potten - Trumpet Ceramic Stool

Pols Potten - Trumpet Ceramic Stool

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